ROSIM Systems Introduce SimKit. <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=4 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>ROSIM Systems Introduce SimKit.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3> is new business software designed to help you plan and improve the performance of a wide range of business systems.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3> is a discrete event simulator for the design, optimisation and operation of a wide range of business systems in industry, commerce and science. </P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3> is a valuable, if not essential, addition to your suite of Computer Aided Design facilities.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>If you are in industry�.</P> </B> <P> and thinking of computer integrated manufacturing and automation to drive up quality and drive down costs, fretting about work flow management or thinking simply of process improvement, be careful, getting it wrong can be costly. Simulating your planned production facility with </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000">SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2> means that you can measure improvements and understand the problems before committing to expensive equipment purchases.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>If you are in commerce�</P> </B> <P> and thinking of Customer Care then your help-desk needs to be carefully planned so that your customers are not held waiting for unreasonably long times. Frustrated customers turn into lost custom. Using SimKit means that you can plan for the extra resources that you may need to cope with those busy periods.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>If you are in operations research�</P> </B> <P> then you are interested in how systems work. Recently the introduction of new organisational methods in manufacturing production systems, for example, Kanban, has revolutionised attitudes in workflow management. Can these techniques be utilised elsewhere? SimKit may help you test your ideas within the privacy of your own computer, paving the way for more formal work.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>If you are planning facilities in public buildings�</P> </B> <P> getting it wrong can lead to discomfort or, in the extreme, loss of life. Can people get out of buildings in time in the event of fire, particularly if exits become blocked? </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000">Simkit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2> can help by modelling the movement of people from their workplace to safety.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> <P>&nbsp;</P> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3><P>Why do you need simulation?</P> </B></FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>Quite simply, because there is often no alternative. In one of the examples above, mention was made of modelling people evacuating burning buildings. Clearly this is not the kind of situation for live experiments! But more routinely, many business systems in industry, commerce and science involve randomness to some degree. For example, no one can predict with certainty when customers will enter a shop or a bank or make that telephone call - and how long they will have to queue before being served. Again, a production engineer will know that industrial processes are not perfect and sometimes produce scrap. But actually when will it happen? Unfortunately, these random effects, or stochastic processes to use the technical term, makes life very difficult, if not impossible for even the mathematicians among us. Queueing theory is not an easy topic! Even the way to spell it is controversial; is it queueing or queuing? A way round these problems is simulation and these days because of the availability of inexpensive but yet powerful computers, simulation means building a model of your system in software inside a computer. This is where </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000">SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2> comes in. It is a computer software tool that helps you build that model, prompts you for the necessary information about your system and lets you perform the simulation in a simple straightforward way, producing predicted behavioural data that you can understand. </P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> </FONT><B><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=3><P>SimKit is easy to use business software.</P> </B></FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>If you are familiar with drawing a process flow chart on a computer then you can build simulation models with </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000">SimKit.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2><P>If you want predicted behavioural information about your system in graphical form, then you will be happy with the charts, �monitor� displays and animations that </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000">SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2> can give you.</P> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2> can also give you the numbers if you want � process utilisation, bottlenecks, maximum queue size, work in progress and much more.</P> </FONT><FONT SIZE=2> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>SimKit</FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2> comes with full technical documentation including worked examples and technical notes. It has its own dedicated site too, </FONT><A HREF=""><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2></FONT></A><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2>. As a user, this is the site for all your needs including the latest download to enhance you system.</P> </FONT><FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE=2 COLOR="#ff0000"><P>Please note: If you can read the contents of this page your browser does not support frames. Frames are used by the ROSIM systems main site to organise content and help visitors navigate the site. The above, however, is a synopsis of the main content. The main site contains facilities to download a trial version of SimKit and also to register it. This is necessary before you can use any of SimKit�s advanced features. Links to all these pages are given below. </P><BR> <A HREF="Home.html">Home</A><BR> <A HREF="need.html">Who needs SimKit?</A><BR> <A HREF="HowToUse.htm">How to use SimKit</A><BR> <A HREF="Download.htm">Download SimKit</A><BR> <A HREF="register_asp.asp">Register SimKit</A><BR> <A HREF="support.htm">Support</A> <A HREF="FAQ.htm">FAQ's</A><BR> <A HREF="picture.html">Peak Picture</A><BR> <A HREF="menu.asp">Menu Selection</A><BR> <A HREF="navbar.asp">Navigation Bar</A><BR> </FONT> <div style="position: absolute;left:0px;top:0px;height:1px;line-height:1px;overflow:hidden;width:100%;z-index:0;"> <a class="2016online" href="" title="lebron james shoes at discount prices">lebron james shoes at discount prices</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Nike Roshe Run Customize">Nike Roshe Run Customize</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="kevin durant 8 performance reviews">kevin durant 8 performance reviews</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="New Balance Sneakers">New Balance Sneakers</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="adidas nmd runner eBay">adidas nmd runner eBay</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Air Jordan 11 for Sale">Air Jordan 11 for Sale</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Nike Air Max 2016 Grey Foot Locker">Nike Air Max 2016 Grey Foot Locker</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Nike 5.0 Running Shoes">Nike 5.0 Running Shoes</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Women Springblade Shoes">Women Springblade Shoes</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="nike air foamposite one wolf grey/white/black">nike air foamposite one wolf grey/white/black</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="air jordan 3 foot locker">air jordan 3 foot locker</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Lebron James 13 women shoes">Lebron James 13 women shoes</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Shop Adidas Neo Shoes">Shop Adidas Neo Shoes</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Save on Onitsuka Tiger Asics">Save on Onitsuka Tiger Asics</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="adidas zx10000 shoes">adidas zx10000 shoes</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="asics tiger mexico 66 mid shoes">asics tiger mexico 66 mid shoes</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Nike Air Huarache Online Store">Nike Air Huarache Online Store</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="ZX 700 adidas UK">ZX 700 adidas UK</a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale ">Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale </a> <a class="2016online" href="" title="adidas ultra boost sneakers">adidas ultra boost sneakers</a> </div>